Travel kit


Travel kit


Is ideal to please someone you love, to take on travel or for you to know 5 items of the brand. They are miniatures of biodegradable, vegan and free of any synthetic substances. Its components do not contaminate rivers and allow the healthy growth of plants and the balance between nature and the individual.


Shampoo 60ml 

Ingredients: copaiba, essential oils of eucalyptus and lemon. How to use: place in the palm of the hand, wet hair and massage with the tips of the fingers.


Capillary cream without rinse 15g

Ingredients: murumuru butter. It acts as a natural hair silicone, controls the frizz effect and reduces capillary volume. How to use: melt tiny amount in the fingers and pass on the tips of washed, moist hair.


Moisturizing cream 15g 

Ingredients: cupuaçu butter.  Promotes deep hydration. Mode of use: after bathing with the skin still wet for better penetration.


Soap 10g

Ingredients: saponified virgin oils of Brazil nuts, babassu coconut and pracaxi, cupuaçu butter and citronella and orange essential oils. Directions for use: Apply directly to wet skin. Keep in a soap dish with hole to prevent accelerated melting.


Free aluminum  Deodorant10g

Finest quality product that gently protects skin for a long time, keeping it well hydrated and sublimely scented.

Does not cause any harm to skin’s balance nor surface . Has a very delicate texture that is very easy for usage and a truly bewitching scent that resembles a fine perfume. Fights bacteria that cause odour and allows natural transpiration and liberation of toxins. Does not make arm pits darker nor leave stains on clothes . Does not include perfume. Does not include alcohol , nor aluminium . Contains starch of macaxeira (apple tree), bicarbonate of sodium, virgin butter of cupuaçu, copaíba resin , virgin oil of babassu, essential oils of melaleuca(tea trea) and rosemary. Usage: after the bath, apply a portion equal to that of a grain of rice on the wet armpits. Or sprinkle some water to amount you would like to apply, this will make it easier to spread.

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