Capillary cream 30g


Capillary Cream 30g

It is indicated for hair that has been subjected to external aggressions such as sun, air conditioning, wind, humidity, frequent use of the hair dryer and the flat iron, as well as aggressions caused by chemical treatments such as coloring, smoothing, discoloration and permanent. It acts as a natural silicone of the hair, forming a layer of protection around the threads, protecting them. The hair is full and shiny.
Ingredients: murumuru butter, passion fruit prakaxi oil, essential oils of sicilian lemon and litsea cubeba.
Usage: Put small amount on the fingers, rub in the hands and pass in the washed hair. Do not rinse. If you want a shaping effect, apply it to dry hair.
* Products extracted by riparian communities in the Brazilian Amazon with sustainable management and hand-wrapped in Alter do Chão.
** Biodegradable. Vegan . 0% Synthetic
Cruelty-free. Slowbeauty. Animal-friendly
*** Natural ingredients may vary in color and consistency.

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